Design Tips for an Open Concept Split Level Kitchen Remodel – Grocery Shopping Tips

Make Your Counters Clean

Kitchen countertops must be at the top of your priority list. The easiest way to begin an open concept split level renovation project for your kitchen is changing the cabinetry. They can be painted or stain them a completely new color or completely replace them.

If you’re changing the countertops be sure to select countertops that complement the style of the home you’re imagining. There’s even the option of going as far as removing the countertops , then installing a different type of cabinet.

Additionally, you can add an island in your kitchen if there is enough space in your kitchen. It will create a space that is distinctive and unique. It can increase storage capacity and provide you with more space to cook. Kitchen islands can also double for a table to eat at if there isn’t an eating space or wish to mix the dining area as well as the kitchen, creating a space-efficient kitchen.

Put an end to pests

Pests aren’t the only thought you have when thinking about an open concept split level kitchen remodel But you cannot not be vigilant, especially in your kitchen. Rats, insects, flies and cockroaches are among one of the biggest pests in kitchens you have to face, and getting rid of them, or even avoiding all of them, will help make the kitchen healthier, better place to be in.

Rodents can get onto your kitchen counters as well as broken boards and can spread germs. The same goes for Flies and cockroaches. These pests can spread harmful bacteria into your body creating problems such as Salmonella and E.coli as well as asthma.

To prevent these problems from happening You should seek help by calling in the rodent removal service and pest control service and/or pest control services for your home for help in eliminating any bugs that may be lurking in the kitchen.

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