How to Build Your Own Fireplace Mantel – Family Picture Ideas

These safety guidelines can ensure that your fireplace is safe and fun. Make sure you are cautious in using a fireplace. Also, remember ensure you follow the correct safety guidelines to help prevent accidents and injury.
Are you still interested in knowing how to construct your very own fireplace mantle?

It can be thrilling and enjoyable to build your fireplace mantle yourself. It lets you personalize the style and look of your mantle to fit your own personal taste and decor of your home. It’s not easy when you’re not used to woodworking, or know much about the home improvement field. In this instructional paper, we will walk you through the steps of learning how to build your own fireplace mantle, beginning with the planning phase and gathering of ingredients to adding the last details. There is a chance to find a wide range of supplies and services including furniture shops, firewood processors and hardware stores.

Step 1: Plan Your Mantle Design

Before you start creating your fireplace’s mantle it’s important to be clear about the design you want to create. Be aware of factors like the size and shape of your fireplace, as well as the style of your house and the overall look you want to achieve. To get inspiration and ideas on how to style your mantelpiece, it’s a good idea to look into furniture stores or surf the internet.

After you’ve got a general notion of the kind of mantel you’d prefer to build, you can begin sketching your mantel either with either paper or through a program like SketchUp. It will allow you to clearly sketch out the kind of materials you’ll need and also make sure your mantle is sized to fit around the fireplace.

Step 2: Gather your materials and tools together

When you’ve come up with a plan, you can start collecting your tools and other materials that you’ll need. It is time to start taking inventory of the supplies and tools needed for the mantel.