What Are Thermogenics?


The Promotions Director of a radio company that I used to work at was a huge fitness buff. The guy would get sponsorships without even trying to. That was why I asked him specifically about bodybuilding products, like super thermongenic. He said he was a big fan of oxyelite pro amongst other nutritional food supplements.

But I was really curious by the super thermongenic products he casually mentioned. The sheer scientific name was enough to draw my curiosity. Apparently, super thermongenic is a kind of product that likes to use for his metabolism. Thermongenic means that the product produces, or rather increases heat, through metabolic stimulation. When you body build, you use a super thermongenic product to help lose fat by increasing their metabolism, and thusly the amount of energy that they expend.

I started using the super thermongenic product that he recommended, and my gym routine has not been the same since. It really as a game changer. Do you have any experience with increasing your metabolism? Share in the comments. Great references here.


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