US Government and Lock Out Tag Out Programs


Lock out tag out programs prohibit restarting or attempting to restart machines where hazardous energy is used and secured. Certain practices and procedures have to be followed to shut down equipment used in for hazardous energy. Lock out tag out programs also apply when isolating equipment from its energy source. Lock out tag out procedure must be followed when doing routine maintenance and servicing. Every employee that works around such equipment and machinery has to be trained on how to implement the lock out tag out program protocols. Workplace safety agencies require employees to be trained in rescue operations and exercises in lockout tagout training are supposed to be conducted annually.

It is especially important to follow lock out tag out programs when more than one subcontractor is working in different areas of a large system. The first lock out device they use is a clamp for a lock out device that works like a folding scissor, only it is a padlock with a lot of holes in it to maintain closure. For the securing of hazardous energy sources, machines and equipment, the United State Government has chosen the color red for the padlock device used in the lock out tag out program. Lockout tagout software is available. So are lockout tagout kits.
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