Finding a Ride for Your Ride


If you are flying across the country and will be relocating or attending college, you might want to consider having your car shipped. Auto transport companies, or auto shippers, can transport your car, and it can be there waiting for you when you get there. Auto shippers can ship a car to Alaska, Hawaii, or to any number of locations in the continental United States and in other countries.

The estimated amount of time it takes to ship a car is usually from one to three weeks. It varies depending on the location of origin and the destination. Tractor trailers that are used as auto shippers can carry as many as 12 vehicles at a time. Sometimes car owners worry about their cars falling or sliding off of an auto transport vehicle, but cases of that actually happening are very rare.

Generally, when you have a car shipped it has to be empty. For insurance and safety reasons, other items are not usually allowed to be packed into the car and shipped with it. Many auto shippers require the car to be legally registered and insured, but there are some who will ship cars that are not legally on the road. Usually an extra fee is charged. There are also some high end racecar transporters. They are custom build aluminum trailers which have two decks and are enclosed to protect the cars. More like this article.

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