Classic Western Attire for Children and Adults


In the United States of America, there are fewer iconic figures than that of the American cowboy. Although the mythological figure that cuts that dramatic silhouette is considerably romanticized, the cowboy has become ingrained into the American consciousness. As such, generation after generation of children have looked up to the cowboy as a heroic figure that justifies emulation. Thus, child sized cowboys clothing such as toddler cowboy boots, baby cowboy boots, and kid cowboy hats are widely available not only at western clothing stores, but at local department stores, as well.

Although cowboy attire is not as pervasive in our culture as it was 50 years ago, one cannot deny that toddler cowboy boots are cute on children. Obviously, toddler cowboy boots would look pretty silly on a grown man, in addition to being quite uncomfortable. Despite the fact that you do not see many toddler cowboy boots on children in the northeast, things change once you cross the Mississippi River. Nonetheless, cowboy hats, kids chaps, and toddler cowboy boots have always been resilient when it comes to fashion. For instance, after seeing John Travolta ride a mechanical bull in Urban Cowboy, there was a cowboy renaissance, or sorts at the beginning of the 1980s. Thus, considering the capriciousness of the the typical American consumer, perhaps toddler cowboy boots, ten gallon hats, and spurs may be in vogue two or three years down the line. More information like this.

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