Your Big Fat Wedding


There are two things nearly every American bride prays for; I hope it does not rain, and I hope I can fit into my wedding dress. You do not have much control over the former, but there is something you can do about the latter.

According to one survey, 70 percent of engaged women are aiming to lose weight loss wedding before the big day, with an average weight loss wedding day goal of 20 pounds. Weight loss wedding day tactics are as old as time and have ranged (and still do) from the extreme quick fix (in the 1920s tapeworm consumption was promoted via its nauseating effects; today it is tube feeding for ten days) to the not so extreme requiring diligence, sweat, and hard work (eat less, exercise more). How novel! Regardless, weight loss for wedding day has always been a common weight loss wedding wish, and there is an entire industry waiting to help you reach that goal.

Weight loss for brides is a big business. The diet and fitness industry is a multibillion dollar market, and their fat profits come down to your, err, measurements.

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