Why finding faith is possible


When it comes to finding faith, we all have to find our own way and travel our own roads. No one can make it for us and yet there are people and things that can show us the way. No matter how difficult your situation is today and no matter how hopeless it seems, finding faith is the first step toward a new life that is filled with dreams coming true and relationships growing stronger. Finding faith seems to be an abstract thing for those who are in difficult times now but it is really a door that you must open so that you can step onto a new and better life.

Finding faith therefore starts with having hope. Hope is not difficult to have. Hope is free for those who want it. You may think that everything is hopeless right now and there is no way and no chance for your life to turn around but really, when you think about it we cannot really tell what will happen tomorrow. In fact, no scientific explanation can guarantee you that the sun will rise tomorrow. Science can tell you the how and the when the sun will rise but it cannot tell you why. You just have to have hope that it will, and it will. Similarly, we may not know why bad things happen. And we may not also know why good things do. And they certainly do. You just have to have hope to see the bad things through and wait for the good things to come.

Finding faith also means finding faith in god and finding god in your life. The problem with the society today is that it fails to acknowledge the power of God. For many individuals is that they depend so much on themselves. As humans we have limited power and limited intellect. We need God in our lives even for the simplest things in life. Knowing this and accepting this can help us find faith and believe that the best is yet to come. On the other hand, if we do not allow God in our lives, there is no way for us to overcome our difficulties and challenges. We remain hopeless and we become desperate. We need help from God and accepting His help is all that we really need in life.

You should therefore open yourself to God and welcome Him. Read uplifting poetry, watch inspiring movies and try to find good in people. If we need encouragement during difficult times, we only have to open ourselves and find ways to uplift our own spirits. There are many resources that we can use. We need however to do our part. Change starts within us. If we do our part right and welcome these changes by creating them ourselves, anything is possible if God is with us.

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