Which Companies are Getting into Email Hosting


Email hosting normally involves both providing email solutions and including other useful tidbits like tasks, calendars, contacts, and access to the web. Through Email hosting, a provider too can vastly improve the storage capacity for mailboxes as a company requests more. This gives both providers and companies using these providers flexibility for when their storage solutions increase. Because email is among the most popular online activities, with 92 percent of adults using email frequently, the need for Email hosting services is pretty significant.

Email is pervasive in our culture, even making its way into adult cartoons like \”The Simpsons,\” where one episode gave away Homer Simpson\’s email address. Subsequently, the email, chunkylover53@aol.com, was shut down since it was bogged down with too many emails. Fortunately, Email hosting providers work their magic to keep email as professional as possible, eliminating problems and keeping companies looking as well established as they can. These companies are more advanced than the early days of the Internet, when its precursor, ARPANET, helped define the web\’s initial protocols, sending along the world\’s first email from one person to another in 1971.

Increasingly, the people doing this work are web design and marketing companies. For instance, a Rochester web design business with web creation services could simply add Email hosting to its offerings menu. A Rochester web development firm too could add other valuable assets like SEO or social media, though generally these firms start with an email platform and go from there.
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