Tasty Hummus Dip Can Benefit Your Health


An easy hummus recipe is not always so easy to find. Most hummus brands that produce flavors of this popular dip, with a 35 percent jump in consumption in 2010, totaling $300 million in sales for the year, roasted garlic hummus dip, spicy hummus dip and roasted red pepper hummus dip. Each variety that remains true to the basic hummus recipe will remain very high in the amount of vitamin C and iron the dip features, in addition to a healthy amount of vitamin B6 and folate in the dip. Traditional hummus includes a drizzle of olive oil, a small sprinkling of paprika and some chopped parsley.

During October of 2008, the Association of Lebanese Industrialists drafted a petition and submitted it to the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade as a means to provide protected status for hummus spread and dip against trade regulations from the European Commission, saying the food is unique to Lebanese cuisine. Thomas has made it spread into Western culture since the 1970s, when the very healthy nature of hummus spread and dip made it popular among people on diets rich in protein. Today, it is common to see hummus get used for dips that have pita bread and vegetables served up as restaurants, and it also be spread easily on a sandwich or other grain item as an appetizer or even a full meal. Try a few brands before settling on a favorite.

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