Refurbished and Surplus Electrical Equipment


This company provides O.E.M electrical equipment to their customers, specializing in the sale of used and surplus electrical equipment. Brands that they carry include Square D, Siemens, Westinghouse, and General Electric (GE). In addition to these brands, they also carry surplus and used electrical breakers, panels, and transformers. Their specialty is electrical distribution equipment, including bus ducts and bus plugs. The employees are knowledgeable about their products and the advantages of each brand that they offer, and their goal is to guide you through the process of choosing the correct electrical accessories and equipment for your needs. Because of their knowledge of the industry, this company maintains a standard for all the equipment that they sell. Yes, they do sell refurbished and used electrical equipment, but it is all in working order and up to par. They maintain a reputation of reliability, competitive prices, and effective and polite service for any client, and they hope to acquire repeat customers through their business practices.

One of their prime offerings are GE bus ducts. With reconditioned, surplus, or used equipment, GE bus ducts offer a quality product that is also cost effective. The General Electric brand of electronic equipment has twenty five years of experience in manufacturing equipment such as bus ducts. GE bus ducts come in a variety of sizes, and GE also manufactures a number of accessories for its electrical bus ducts. Like any other manufacturer, GE bus ducts come in segregated and non segregated types. The original equipment manufacturer also produces round bus ducts, mini isolated bus ducts, and certain accessories for your electrical system. Because you are purchasing from a third party who specializes in the sale of surplus and used electrical equipment, you cannot necessarily expect to get a product customized to your needs, but their staff will find a bus duct or other electrical accessory that matches your needs.

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