Nashville Car Dealerships


In 1916, almost one half of all of the cars that existed in the world were Model T Fords. Fords automobiles are still popular, however this record has never been broken. Today, people are so in love with their cars that about one fourth of all car owners give their cars a name. This is what the Colorado State University included in their \”Personality and Individual Differences\” journal after a study was done by their on staff psychology professor Jacob Benfield and his colleagues. Nashville car dealerships are smart when they use that little fact to their advantage when trying to sell someone a new car. Just think, you can name her \”so and so.\” Usually it is the men who name their cars. Nashville car dealerships should also cater to women.

Women have had a big roll in automobile technology. In fact, by 1923, women were coming up with new inventions for cars, such as the carburetor and the electric engine starter. Women love cars and trucks almost as much as men. Women encourage 80 percent of the new car buys and they spend as much as $65 million a year collectively, on new cars and trucks. Actually, women account for 60 percent of all new car sales. Nashville car dealerships are glad to hear that. Nashville car dealerships should know these facts so they can pay more attention to women when they come in to buy used cars Nashville too.

Nashville care dealerships, like the Chevrolet dealers in Nashville TN can offer some pretty good deals. Chevy\’s are always popular and a Nashville chevrolet dealer has new cars in all the time. One can find all of the Nashville Chevrolet dealers by searching online. The same is true with Nashville gmc and Tennessee Buick. Nashville car dealerships have the best selection, the best pricing and the best servicing and even the best financing, so don\’t hesitate going to one if you are in the market for a new car. Find the car of your dreams at one of the Nashville car dealerships today.

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