Reasons Jackson Hole Luxury Homes are So Popular These Days


One reason Jackson Hole luxury homes are so popular is that the crime rate for the city of Jackson Wyoming is only 150, which is less than half the 306 national average. provided this statistic for both Jackson and all other cities across the country, and the rate is on the low side with relation to other areas of Jackson\’s stature and size. With a low crime rate and a high number of Jackson Hole real estate available, the numbers add up to a safe place to live and an extremely desirable one that boasts a solid quality of life.

Another reason Jackson Hole luxury homes are popular is the daily commute people living there can experience. The mean time for traveling to work in town is only 12 minutes, which again is significantly lower than the national average for what most commuters can experience each working day. In most areas with luxury opportunities, it is a lot harder to get around and to get to work, since many luxury homes are situated in major metropolitan areas. But in Jackson, people get to live in Jackson hole luxury homes and take short drives to work, making for a more peaceful existence and more time spent at home in their luxurious spaces rather than in their cars.

Jackson Hole luxury homes are popular as well because of the surrounding property and its unbelievable beauty. Many Jackson Hole luxury homes are situated near the National Elk Refuge, which is North America\’s largest elk preserve with as many as 90,000 elk wintering within its boundaries. Nearby, in the town square, each May antlers are auctioned off by Boy Scouts and others, with proceeds benefitting the refuge\’s feeding program. With such beauty and a strong sense of community, it is no wonder that people snatch up as much Jackson hole property for sale as they can.

Lastly, Jackson Hole luxury homes are highly regarded because they are grouped together with exclusive Jackson Hole commercial real estate, Jackson Hole land for sale and Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate in general for the state\’s lack of personal and corporate income taxes. Taxes are a burden for all Americans, so people like living here for the lesser burden represented. Additionally, the state has low energy and operating costs and a workforce that knows its way around all industries, making for a top place in the U.S. to do business and to live.
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